The CAUCE Research Fund supports projects where the outcomes are likely to have direct relevance to and broad applicability within the practice of university continuing education in Canada. The Research and Scholarship Committee is open to proposals from any relevant themes, but given the recent areas of focus in Canadian continuing education, would suggest the following areas as priorities: 1. How do we define skilling in a university context, in a post-pandemic future of continuing education – i.e alternative credentials (microcredentials, badging) 2. Labour market outcomes of CE/alignment to the labour market, including upskilling and reskilling through continuing education. 3. Inclusive Continuing Education – access (e.g., community outreach programming), needs, outcomes for specific groups – Indigenous knowledges/experiences in higher education 4. The Impact of COVID-19 On Continuing Education: innovations in programming or delivery, changes in assessment methods, mental health of students and staff. The next deadline for applications to the research fund is November 15, 2021. Please see the website for full details about applying to the fund and the list of current and completed CAUCE sponsored projects.