At several CASAE annual conferences, during the 1990s, the need for more Canadian adult education texts relevant for courses in Canadian adult education foundational and contemporary studies was discussed. it was decided to develop a reader drawing on essays edited and written by Canadian members of the Association. The essays were to introduce students and scholars to as many different areas of the field of Canadian adult education as possible. This initiative led to a partnership with Keith Thompson of Thompson Educational Publishing and the publication of three textbooks; the royalties from these books has contributed to the development of CASAE. Keith Thompson has published many more important adult education texts.
Women, Adult Education, and Leadership in Canada. Published in 2016.
Building on Critical Traditions: Adult Education and Learning in Canada. Published in 2013.
Contexts of Adult Education: Canadian Perspectives. Published in 2006.
Learning for Life: Canadian Readings in Adult Education. Published in 1998.

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CASAE/ACÉÉA has played an active role in advocating adult education as a field of study and practice at both national and international levels.

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