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The Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education (CJSAE) is a refereed scholarly journal committed to the dissemination of knowledge derived from disciplined inquiry in the field of adult and continuing education. CJSAE is published twice yearly for the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education/l’Association Canadienne pour l’Étude de l’Éducation des Adultes.

In 2018 CASAE formed a partnership with CAUCE so that CAUCE members can submit articles into CJSAE for publication and to become peer reviewers of articles relating to continuing education for CJSAE. CJSAE also welcomes guest edited themed issues relating to continuing education.

Robert Mizzi, University of Manitoba

Managing Editor
Scott MacPhail, Mount Saint Vincent University

English-Language Editor
Robert Mizzi, University of Manitoba

French-Language Editor
Jean-Pierre Mercier, UQÀM

Book Review Editor
Judith Walker, University of British Columbia

Student Editorial Assistant
Mary Pinkoski, University of Alberta

Associate Editors
Susan Brigham, Mount Saint Vincent University
Audrey Dahl, Université du Québec à Montréal
Colleen Kawalilak, University of Calgary
Jim Sharpe, Mount Saint Vincent University
Maurice Taylor, University of Ottawa
Carola Weil, McGill University

About Us

CASAE/ACÉÉA has played an active role in advocating adult education as a field of study and practice at both national and international levels.

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