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On behalf of CASAE/ACÉÉA, we’d like to welcome you to our website. CASAE/ACÉÉA was founded in 1981 to promote the study of adult education and networking among adult educators in Canada. Since then, CASAE/ACÉÉA has played an active role in advocating adult education as a field of study and practice at both national and international levels.

Many thanks to the individuals who stepped off the executive committee at the 2014 Annual General Meeting for their service – Behrang Foroughi, Hongxia Shan, Nancy Taber and Marc Legacy. Welcome to those who have joined us for the coming year, and thank you to those who moved into new positions!

We’d like to introduce the others on our new Executive Team:
Maren Elfert - Treasurer
Melissa White – Secretary
Amanda Benjamin – Regional Representative, Atlantic
Arpi Hamalian – Regional Representative, Québec
Sheila Gruner – Regional Representative, Ontario
Dorothy Lowrie – Regional Representative, Prairies
David Monk – Regional Representative, British Columbia
Cindy Cowan – Regional Representative, The North
Scott MacPhail – Graduate Student/Post-doctoral Scholar Representative

Our main activity as an association is the annual conference. Many thanks to the Co-chairs of the 2014 conference at Brock University – Nancy Taber and Patti Gouthro. For 2015, we excited about collaborating with the International Council for Adult Education, which is holding its congress in the fabulous city of Montreal. Our conference is scheduled for June 9 to 11, and will be followed immediately by the ICAE congress. We encourage delegates to the CASAE conference to stay on for some or all of the ICAE congress, and look forward to announcing details of our collaboration as they are developed.

Under the editorial leadership of Donovan Plumb and Robert McGray, our journal continues to serve a vital role in sharing research across and beyond the field of adult education.

In the coming year, we look forward to continuing these projects, as well as sponsoring a number of local/regional activities.

As always, we welcome your comments, suggestions and offers to volunteer on a CASAE initiative. We hope to work with and meet you in the coming year, as we share our mutual commitment to the field of adult education and to furthering its social purpose through rigourous, creative, and informative research.

Kaela Jubas & Jude Walker
CASAE Co-Presidents, 2014-2015

Kaela JubasJude Walker

Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (CASAE)

260 Dalhousie Street

Suite 204


Telephone: 613.241.0018

FAX: 613.241.0019

E-mail: casae.aceea@csse.ca


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