The Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education (CJSAE) is the official publication of the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (CASAE). CJSAE is a refereed journal published twice annually with original reports of research, perspective articles, field notes, and book reviews. The Journal is an important venue for disseminating and promoting research and practice in Canadian adult education. For more information about the journal, visit:

Dr. Robert Mizzi is stepping down as the Editor-in-Chief. We are currently seeking a new Editor-in-Chief for a three-year term, to begin 1 July 2021. Some of the Editor’s key responsibilities include:

  • Solicit manuscripts and book reviews
  • Provide initial editor review of submitted manuscripts
  • Establish and maintain timely double blind review and copy-editing processes
  • Make final decisions on manuscripts based on reviewer recommendations
  • Deal with regular correspondence from authors, reviewers, Managing Editor, publisher and the CASAE office
  • Respond to periodic inquiries about the Journal
  • Promote the Journal at scholarly and professional conferences
  • Liaise regularly with the CASAE Board
  • Prepare and present an annual report at the CASAE AGM
  • Organize and provide materials for regular communication with the editorial board
  • Liaise regularly with the Managing Editor, copy editor, and publisher
  • Maintain inventories of past issues and all journal related correspondence

Interested applicants should email Hongxia Shan (, 2020-2021 CASAE President, the following information in either French or English languages:

  • A letter of intent which outlines your interest and organizational support (if any)
  • brief CV that indicates your research background and related experience

Submissions will be accepted until 30 April 2021. Questions about the position can be directed to Robert Mizzi (

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Robert Mizzi and their team for their work and their efforts in promoting the Journal as a leading scholarly publication in adult education in Canada and internationally.