Western Conference on the Study of Adult Education

University of Victoria, Faculty of Education

Victoria, British Columbia

April 26-28, 2002


Conference Programme



Friday April 26

5:00-6:30     Registration      Foyer, MacLaurin Bldg.

                     Book Fair

6:30-7:30     Plenary

                     Welcome and Official Conference Opening

                     Key-Note Address: Carol Harris

“Leadership and Adult Education: The Return to Community”


7:30-8:30     Reception          Foyer, MacLaurin Bldg.

                     Join us for snacks, beverages, music, art exhibit, and conversation

Saturday April 27

9:00-9:15     Plenary: Opening comments, First Nations Opening Prayer

9:15-11:45   Plenary: Panel Presentation

“Leadership Challenges in Different Contexts of Adult Education”

Panel Members:

Ron Faris, University of Victoria

Colleen Kasting, Anti-Poverty Coalition

Ruth Kroek, Aborginal Education, Malaspina College

Nick Rubidge, President, College of the Rockies

Elizabeth Cull, Royal Roads University and former MLA

Discussant: Kjell Rubenson

Audience Discussion Facilitator: TBA

There will be one twenty-minute break during the presentation

LUNCH      On your own

1-2:00             Concurrent Sessions 1

Session 1.1

1.1.1    Val Neaves

                  Adult Education and the Legacy of Freire and Nyerere: Dilemma and Delight in Popular Education in Post-Colonial Development: A Critical Reflection

1.1.2    Darlene Clover and Shirley Follen

Pubs, Planes, and Pure Panic: Women Adult Educators and Leaders at International and Community Levels


Session 1.2

1.2.1    Jean Walrond Patterson

   Multi Cultural Education and Development

1.2.2    John Egan

                     Methadone and AIDS Prevention: Harm Reduction or Abstinence?


Session 1.3

1.3.1    Joan Schebelbein

                  Fertile Ground? Union-Management Partnerships and Workplace Learning

1.3.2    Catherine Geekie

   Leading Toward More Equitable Workplaces


Session 1.4

1.3.1    Bijoy Barua

                  Buddhist contribution to sustainable development: An alternative educational theory for adult learners (discussion group)

1.4.2    Pat Rempel

                  Adult Learning as Participation in the Public Sphere (discussion group)

2:10-3:10     Concurrent Sessions 2

Session 2.1



                     Role of the Educator in Illuminating the Soul: Transformation from Hierarchical to Spiritual

2.1.2    Murray Groom

                     Pilgrimage as a Model for Cross-Cultural and Environmental Education

Session 2.2

2.2.1    David Berger

                     Historically Positioned Leadership in a Contemporary Context: Reviving the Mission of Extension Services through the Trent Centre

2.2.2    Ruth Price

                     Lighting The Way: SFU's Integrated Studies Program In Liberal And Business Studies As An Innovative Response To Adult Learners


Session 2.3

1.2.1 Joanna Ashworth

                     Understanding Educational Leadership Anew: Adult Educators' Stories in Conversation

1.2.2 Sam Wallace

Adult Literacy and Education Teacher Training

Session 2.4

1.3.1 Carole Roy

                     Laughs... Yes! But Thoughts Too: The Raging Grannies‚ Imaginative Protests

2.4.2    Debra Whitman

                     Leadership - For Social Change Utilizing a Narrative Approach:  A Feminist Paradigm - Female Motorcycle Owner/Operators


Session 2.5

1.4.1    Bruce Spencer

                  Labour Education: Leading the Way

2.5.2    Naomi Frankl

                  Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Leadership Development and the In-Scope Supervisor


3:10-3:30     Break

3:30-4:30     Concurrent Sessions 3

Session 3.1

2.1.1    Elizabeth Lange

                  Cultivating Vision, Sharing Power: Leadership from Adult Classroom to Social Movement

3.1.2    Rupert Downing, J Robin Hood

                  Learning Communities in British Columbia: Reinventing Communities Through Lifelong Learning and Transformative Development


Session 3.2

3.2.1    Wesley Evaars

                  Mural Painting, Adult Learning and at Risk Adults (discussion group)

3.2.2    Susan Hamilton

                  Humanities 101 Storefront Project: A People's University (discussion group)

Session 3.3

3.3.1    George Broderick

                  Visionary Leadership in an Age of Budget-Defi (discussion group)

3.3.2    Jeanie Cockell and Joan McArthur-Blair

                  The Labyrinth and the Art of Leadership (discussion group)


Session 3.4

2.3.1    Tami Williams

                  Encouraging Aboriginal Leadership

3.4.2    Marlene Atleo

                  Learning Models in the Umeek Narratives: Identifying an Educational Framework through Storywork with First Nations Elders.

4:40-5:40     Concurrent Sessions 4

Session 4.1

3.1.1    Mary Ann Fenimore

                  Insights Outside: Connecting the nature of gardens with the nature of our leadership and adult transformational unfoldings. (in the UVic Gardens)


Session 4.2

3.1.1    Steve Noble

                  Queered Adult Education Practice, Leading from the Margins: if we aren't in Kansas anymore, where are we?

3.1.2    Budd Hall and Gloria Snively

Approaches to Social Movement Learning in Local and Global Contexts (discussion group)

Session 4.3

4.3.1    Kjell Rubenson

                  Knowledge Matters - Skills and Learning for Canadians: A Critical Analysis of Canada’s Innovation Strategy

4.3.2    Tara Fenwick

                  “Fighting on the New Terrain”: Towards Critical Workplace Education Amidst New Economy Discourses


7:30             DINNER (Chinese) – Included in conference fee

Sunday April 28

9:00-10:00      Concurrent Sessions 5

Session 5.1

5.1.1    Robert Fisher

                  Fearless Leadership in and out of the 'Fear' Matrix (discussion and video)


Session 5.2

4.1.1    Doug Lofstrand, Sharlene Baergen-Fladeger, Catherine Geekie, Judy Sillito, Sue Scott

                  What does Leading Edge Program Planning Look Like? (discussion group)

10:10-11:10 Concurrent Sessions 6


Session 6.1

6.1.1    Shauna Butterwick, Joanna Ashworth, Rhonda Margolis, Jennifer White, and Lorna Shapiro

                  Investigating the Practice of Leadership in Adult Education: Looking at Self and Others


Session 6.2

5.1.1    Lani Maxwell

                        Breaking Out of the Box: Elementary Teachers as Adult Educators

5.3.1    Janeen Alliston

                     Creating Spaces for Mentoring Relationships


Session 6.3

6.3.1    Tom Sork

                  Mapping the Moral Geographies of Adult Education

6.3.2    Roberta Timothy

Pedagogies of Peace: 'Talking Back' to Spin Doctoring


11:10- 11:30   BREAK


11:30-12:30  Plenary

                     Roger Boshier

Adult Education Goes To Hollywood Or, More Accurately, The Video Recorder: Old Wine In New Cassettes (Discussion And Video)


                     Closing Remarks and Conference Evaluation


Final Update: April 2, 2002