Papers Presented for Persons attending

CASAE-ACÉÉA 18th National Conference

Sherbrooke 1999

Conference Online Proceedings

Please note: Not all papers were provided to the Association in electronic format and will not be found here. However, as time permits in the future, we will scan other papers which were submitted in hard copy and publish them here.
Walter Archer (University of Alberta) "Adult Education on the Internet: New Dawn Breaking or Sky Falling?"
Adrian Blunt (University of Saskatchewan) "A Critical History Of National Adult Literacy Policy In Tanzania And Recent Canadian Project Experience"
Dianne L. Conrad (University of Alberta) "Lost In Space? Reinventing Ourselves as Learners On the New Frontier"
John Church and Dennis Foth (University of Alberta) "The Sound Of Clashing Cultures: Coordinating External Training in an Academic Department"
Rose Dyson (Ed.D.OISE) and Geraldine (Jody) Macdonald R.N. (Ed.D. OISE) (University of Toronto) "Policy Issues and Agendas: Voices in Adult Education Challenging Corporate Rule and Global Markets"
Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg (PhD. OISE/UT) "Action For Prevention: Feminist Practices In Transformative Learning In Women's Health And The Environment (With A Focus On Breast Cancer). A Case Study of a Participatory Research Group"
André P. Grace (SSRC - Post-Doctoral Fellow - Pennsylvania State University) "Canadian and US Academic Adult Education (1917-1970): A Chronology and Conspectus of their Emergence"
Garnet Grosjean (University of British Columbia) "Experiential Learning: Who Benefits who Loses?"
Heather Kanuka and Carolin Kreber (University of Alberta) "Knowledge Construction in the Virtual Classroom"
Dorothy Lander (St. Francis Xavier University) "Response-ability for Writing Research that Honours Practitioners' Ways of Knowing"
A.C. Lauzon (University of Guelph) "Can We Design Culturally Sensitive Interactive Distance Education? - Maybe"
Harish Midha (M.Ed. OISE/UT) "Spirituality In The Workplace: The Sixth Discipline Of A Learning Organization"
Thomas J. Sork Valerie-Lee Chapman & Shauna Butterwick (University of British Columbia) "She Said He Said They Said: High Drama in the Continuing Saga of Graduate Student Supervision"
Bruce Spencer Derek Briton and Winston Gereluk (Athabasca University) "From Learning to Credential: PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition)"
Jennifer Sumner (University of Guelph) "Adult Education Inc.: Globalization The World Bank and Education"
Alan M. Thomas (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto) "It Takes Two To Tango: Defining The Century As A Discourse Between Learning And Education"
Tarah S.A. Wright (University of Alberta) and Albert A. Einsiedel Jr. (University of Alberta) "A New Initiative for Continuing Professional Development: The University of Alberta Amazon Project"