May 28-30, 2006

Pre-Conference: May 27, 2006

York University, Toronto, Ontario


The site for CASAE/ACÉÉA 2006 at York University's Keele Campus is the new Accolade West building (ACW). All conference activities, except the conference dinner/social and a few Congress-related events, will take place in this building. Accolade West, which is part of the Fine Arts complex, is located north of the Joan and Martin Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts and adjacent to Burton Auditorium. It is adjacent to the Harry W. Arthurs Commons where all Toronto Transit buses (TTC) pass. (See the map at


ACW 009: This is the Display and Mingle Room for the entire conference. In addition to being the site of the Pre-conference and the Conference Welcoming Reception on May 27th (see details below), the room will be a gathering and sharing space for conference participants on May 28th (9:00am – 9:00pm), May 29th (9:00am – noon and 2:00pm - 9:00pm), and May 30th (9:00am – 4:00pm). Please use the space to relax and meet with colleagues. There will be display tables where you can leave information that you wish to share.


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Saturday, May 27th


CASAE/ACÉÉA Conference Reception

Sunday, May 28th - Day One of Conference (pm)

Opening Plenary and CASAE/ACÉÉA 25th Anniversary Presentation

Book Launch for the new CASAE Canadian Reader in Adult Education

Canadian Council of Learning and Initiatives in Adult Education

Monday, May 29th - Day Two of Conference (pm)

Joint Session with CASAE/ACÉÉA, CSSE, and CSSHE

CASAE/ACÉÉA Annual General Meeting

CASAE/ACÉÉA Dinner and Social

Tuesday, May 30th - Day Three of Conference (pm)

CASAE/ACÉÉA Commission of Professors, Room

CASAE/ACÉÉA Commission of Students, Room

Closing Session







The pre-conference is entitled Arts-Informed Research and Practice in Canadian Adult Education. Participants are asked to bring something they’ve created, pictures of arts-informed work shown elsewhere, and a camera, if you have one. As you feel comfortable, participants may leave what they bring on display throughout the entire conference. Essentially, the pre-conference will be an informal sharing where each participant will be given time to discuss their arts-informed displays and research projects. As well, Darlene Clover (email is willing to do a hands-on activity on the use of photography in research. Shauna Butterwick (email is willing to do a theatre mini-workshop. If you are interested in either, please email them to discuss your interests. Activities will be followed by a plenary to discuss what is currently happening in the Canadian field as well as possibilities for the future.


Shauna Butterwick, Darlene Clover, and André P. Grace will co-host this event. The pre-conference is open to all conference registrants at no extra charge. However, we need to know in advance if you plan to attend. Email to register so we know how many participants to plan for.



CASAE/ACÉÉA CONFERENCE RECEPTION – Saturday, May 27, 2006, Room ACW 009



There will be a Welcome Reception for ALL conference participants that will immediately follow the Pre-Conference in the same room. We especially welcome graduate students and first-time attendees. Patricia A. Gouthro will host this event so that newcomers can meet one another and learn about CASAE/ACÉÉA. For the rest of us, it will be a time to meet newcomers and catch up with old friends. Come one, come all – let’s show everyone we mean it when we talk about the social in Canadian adult education.



CASAE/ACÉÉA MAIN CONFERENCE (Day 1) – Sunday, May 28, 2006 (Return to Index)


8:30am            Opening Plenary and CASAE/ACÉÉA 25th Anniversary Presentation, Room ACW 006

Opening Remarks by the Co-Presidents: André P. Grace and Shahrzad Mojab

The CASAE/ACÉÉA 25th Anniversary Memory Book: André P. Grace and Jenna Kelland

                                    Remarks by Invited Colleagues


10:00am          Book Launch for the new CASAE Canadian Reader in Adult Education

Room ACW 006

            Keith Thompson, Publisher

            Tara J. Fenwick, Tom Nesbit, and Bruce Spencer, Editors


10:30am            Break


10:45am        Concurrent Paper Session 1, Room ACW 302

Cyclical lifelong learning in Canada and possibilities for a critical social pedagogy of learning for life and work: The case of young adults

            André P. Grace (University of Alberta)


Constructivist theories and online learning best practices: A discourse analysis

            Jennifer H. Kelland (University of Alberta)


                        Concurrent Paper Session 2, Room ACW 303

Learning about male Aboriginal identity formation using circle methodology

                                    Jean-Paul Restoule (OISE/UT)


Defining Aboriginal health literacy in the Canadian context: Bringing Aboriginal knowledge into practice

                                    Eileen Antone and Junko Imai (OISE/UT)



10:45am            Concurrent Paper Session 3, Room ACW 305

Organizational support for interdisciplinary teams in primary health care

Marilyn E. Laiken (OISE/UT) with Carole Chatalalsingh, Julia Bickford, Judith Belle Brown, Loralee Gillis, and Karen Moss


Understanding team learning in a health sciences centre

Carole Chatalalsingh and Glenn Regehr (Donald R. Wilson Centre for Research in Education, University Health Network)           


10:45am            Concurrent Paper Session 4, Room ACW 306

                        Sinful shopping: What marketing teaches us about citizenship

                                    Kaela Jubas (University of British Columbia)


                        Learning, citizenship and the imagined city: Vancouver, 1886-1916

                                    Ian Hunt (University College of the Fraser Valley)


12:15pm            Lunch on your own

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1:15pm            Canadian Council of Learning and Initiatives in Adult Education: An Opportunity to Dialogue

                        Host: Jim Sharpe, Mount Saint Vincent University

Room ACW 306


2:45pm            Break


3:00pm            Concurrent Roundtable 1, Room ACW 306

Learning to be good citizens: Informal learning and the labour market experiences of professional Chinese immigrant women

Roxanna Ng (OISE/UT), Guida Man (York University), Hongxia Shan (OISE/UT), and Willa Liu (OISE/UT)


Popular education and holistic embodied learning: Uneasy intersections for critical feminist pedagogy?

Christine McKenzie (OISE/UT)


Between finding ourselves and losing ourselves: The consequence of social movement participation

Donna M. Chovanec (University of Alberta)


“Scientific” research in literacy education: Responses from the research-in-practice movement

Anneke van Enk (Simon Fraser University), Suzanne Smythe, Paula Davies, and Marina Niks (University of British Columbia), and Guy Ewing and Sheila Stewart (OISE/University of Toronto)



3:00pm            Concurrent Paper Session 5, Room ACW 302

Learning through struggle: Queer young adults, outlaw emotions, and the fight for social justice

            Kristopher Wells (University of Alberta)


Coming into: Embracing the queer adult self through local knowledges

            John Egan (University of British Columbia)


3:00pm            Concurrent Paper Session 6, Room ACW 303

What workers learn at work – today and yesteryear

            Bruce Spencer (Athabasca University)


Schooling workers: Precarious employment and work-related learning

            Kiran Mirchandani (OISE/UT)


Learning on the periphery: Chinese immigrants coping with the regulatory practices of the medical profession in Canada

            Hongxia Shan (OISE/UT)


3:00pm            Concurrent Paper Session 7, Room ACW 305

Transitions to transformation? The bumpy road to accessing post-secondary learning for students of the storefront 101 program

Janet Groen (University of Calgary) and Tara Hyland-Russell (St. Mary’s University College)


                        Adult educator programs in Canada: A curricular analysis

                                    Kareen McCaughan and Sybil Wilson (Brock University)


4:30pm            Meeting of Outgoing CASAE/ACÉÉA Board of Directors, Room ACW 009


End of Day 1

Evening on your own



CASAE/ACÉÉA MAIN CONFERENCE (Day 2) – Monday, May 29, 2006 (Return to Index)


8:30am            Symposium I, Room ACW 302

                        Social justice, self-reflection, learning

                                  Gayle Broad, Joanne Elvy, Jose Agustin Reyes, and Jesse Doehler-Knox (Algoma University College)


                        Symposium II, Room ACW 008

The embodiment of Indigenous and anti-colonial feminist approaches in academic research

Shelia Batacharya (OISE/UT), Anne Solomon (OISE/UT), Emily Paradis (OISE/UT), Rose Mandamin (University of Toronto), Temitope Adefarakan (OISE/UT).


10:00am            Break


10:15am            Concurrent Paper Session 8, Room ACW 302

See me: The use of student personal narrative in an English upgrading classroom

            Paula Davies


Voicing the song of music therapy cancer support

            Mary H. Rykov (OISE/UT)


10:15am            Concurrent Paper Session 9, Room ACW 008

Fêting farmers’ knowledge: Organic agriculture and environmental adult education

            Jennifer Sumner (OISE/UT)


Universities as inclusive learning organizations for women

Patti Gouthro, Nancy Taber, and Amanda Brazil (Mount Saint Vincent University)


10:15am            Concurrent Paper Session 10, Room ACW 306

Listening between the lines: Reflections on collaborative interpretation and qualitative research

Maureen Simpkins (University College of the North)


The ivory tower and the challenges of collaborative research

            Marina Niks (University of British Columbia)



10:15am            Concurrent Paper Session 11, Room ACW 305

Towards a learning and teaching model in adult literacy: A close-up look at experiences in Canada and the United Kingdom

Maurice C. Taylor (University of Ottawa), Karen Evans (University of London, UK), and Ali Abasi


                        A global literacy leader? British Columbia’s pathway to 2010

                                    Judith Walker (University of British Columbia)


11:45am            Lunch on your own

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1:15pm            Special Joint Session with CASAE/ACÉÉA, CSSE, and CSSHE

Invited Speaker: Dr. Janet Halliwell

Building and Room TBA: Check Congress Guide or CSSE Program

This 90-minute session runs until 2:45pm.


1:00pm            Concurrent Roundtable 2, Room ACW 302

Work and learning in the “new economy”

Margrit Eichler, David Livingstone, Daniel Schugurensky, and Sandra Colavecchia (OISE/UT)


Slow learning: Eating as learning in the slow food movement

Jennifer Sumner (OISE/UT), Budd Hall (University of Victoria), Ellie Langford Parks (Canadian CED Network), and Jonathan Forbes


Learning in community: A study of learning circles in Canada

Tannis Atkinson, Janice Brant, Arthur Bull, Guy Ewing, Joy Lehmann, Tracey Mollins, Shelia Stewart, and Tracy Westell

(Members from the Lifelong Learning Working Group, OISE/University of Toronto)


1:00pm            Concurrent Paper Session 12, Room ACW 306

Immigrant women in contingent work in Toronto: Dealing and coping with health related problems at the workplace

                                    Khaleda Siddiqui


Cultural identity formation and formal education: Caribbean immigrant families, identity, and culturally relevant adult education

                                    Jean Walrond (University of Alberta)


1:00pm            Concurrent Paper Session 13, Room ACW 305

Between hope and despair: Social and political learning in the women’s movement in Chile

            Donna M. Chovanec (University of Alberta)


Adult education and social responsibility in a social movement: Ten days for global justice

                                    Lee Ellis (University of Alberta)


2:30pm            Break


2:45pm            CASAE/ACÉÉA Annual General Meeting

                        Room ACW 006

                        AGM ends at 4:45pm.


5:00pm            Congress, President’s Reception


7:00pm             CASAE/ACÉÉA Dinner and Social,

Chancellor’s on the York University Campus


Until 11:00pm.


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CASAE/ACÉÉA MAIN CONFERENCE (Day 3) – Tuesday, May 30, 2006 (Return to Index)


8:30am            Concurrent Paper Session 14, Room ACW 307

Control, contradiction, and ambivalence: Critical issues in feminist research

            Tara Fenwick (University of Alberta)


Representation, reflexivity, and resistance: Critical issues in feminist research

Leona M. English (St. Francis Xavier University), Catherine Irving (St. Francis Xavier University), and Kerrie Kennedy (OISE/UT)


8:30am            Concurrent Paper Session 15, Room ACW 302

Performing knowledges of inquiry in the creases of festivals: Creating a model for urban and rural dialogues

Cynthia Lee Andruske (University of Houston Clear Lake) and Steven Noble (University of British Columbia)


Towards transformative practice: Transcending conceptual notions of religion and culture through social inclusion from an adult education perspective

            Rose Barg and Carolyn Peters


8:30am            Concurrent Paper Session 16, Room 305

                        Liberatory pedagogy and immigrant women’s computer learning

                                    Srabani Maitra and Hongxia Shan (OISE/UT)


                        Re/claiming agency: Learning, liminality and immigrant service organizations

Tara Gibb, Evelyn Hamdon, and Zenobia Jamal (University of Alberta)


8:30am            Concurrent Paper Session 17, Room ACW 306

Confounding or empowering women through non-formal and informal education? Religious leaders in Ibadan and Lokoja, Nigeria, on knowledge that matters

            Olutoyin Mejiuni (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria)


Mapping the iceberg of informal learning: Exploring the experience of Chinese volunteers in Vancouver

            Shibao Guo (University of Calgary)


Significant and unrecognized: The informal learning of volunteers in two settings

Fiona Duguid, Bonnie Slade, and Daniel Schugurensky (OISE/UT)


10:00am             Break


10:15am            Roundtable 3, Room ACW 307

A national study of workers in transition: The remarkable effects of prior learning assessment strategies

Maria Gill and Phil Davison (University of Winnipeg)


State of field review of Canadian adult learning research: A report on seven theme areas

            Jim Sharpe (Mount Saint Vincent University)


10:15am            Concurrent Paper Session 18, Room ACW 302

The organic and accidental IT worker: Women’s on-the-job teaching and learning experiences

Shauna Butterwick and Kaela Jubas (University of British Columbia)


Lifelong learning and the new economy: Refuting the crisis

            Jane Cruikshank (University of Regina)


10:15am            Concurrent Paper Session 19, Room ACW 305

The state of the literacy field: Findings of a 2005 review and analysis of the literacy knowledge base

Allan Quigley (St. Francis Xavier University), Sue Folinsbee (Tri En Communications), Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier (St. Francis Xavier University), and Linda Shohet (The Centre for Literacy of Quebec)


Retro-literacy: Confounding progress with promises in adult literacy education in South Africa

                                    Jane Castle (University of Witwatersrand, South Africa)


10:15am            Concurrent Paper Session 20, Room ACW 306

Giving a stitch: A comparative study of women’s learning and activism through fabric arts/crafts in Canada and New Zealand/Aotearoa

            Darlene Clover (University of Victoria)


Community adult educators: Dispelling the myths, stereotypes, and false beliefs in the market place of family violence

                                    Marc Legacy (University of British Columbia)


11:45am            End of Morning Sessions

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12:15pm      CASAE/ACÉÉA Commission of Professors, Room ACW 008

                        CASAE/ACÉÉA Commission of Students, Room ACW 009

                        Light lunch provided for both Commission Meetings


1:30pm            Break


1:45pm            Closing Session and Symposium III, Room ACW 006

                                    Co-Presidents’ Closing Remarks

                                    Presentation of CASAE/ACÉÉA Graduate Student Paper Award


Symposium: Intergenerational dialogue: Building cultures of peace

Geraldine (Jody) Macdonald (University of Toronto), Anne Goodman (OISE/UT), Liane M. Macdonald (University of Toronto), William (Bill) McQueen (Fireweed Media Productions), Rose Anne Dyson (OISE/UT), and Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg (OISE/UT)           


3:45pm            Meeting of Incoming CASAE/ACÉÉA Board of Directors, Room ACW 009

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May 2006