Envisioning the Future of CASAE/ACÉÉA

A Creative and Strategic Planning Workshop for All CASAE/ACÉÉA Members

Saturday, May 28, 2005 University of Western Ontario London

MEDSCI 143 12:00-5:00

Facilitator: Marilyn Laiken, PhD

Many organizations have found that inventing the future they wish to create by defining a shared vision helps to align potentially disparate sectors or individuals to a common purpose. If done collaboratively, it also accesses the creativity of every member, and surfaces important values and beliefs, providing a shared identity that can inform daily action.

A vision of the future in an association such as CASAE/ACÉÉA can influence policies and practices; it can establish a framework for decision-making regarding short and long-term goals; it can provide a platform for recruiting new members; it can offer directions to take in a crisis; and it can clarify and define the relationship between the Association and all of its stakeholders.

This workshop will take participants through a process of collaborative vision-building through the following steps:

1. Introductions, expectations, overview

2. Brief introduction to vision-building as a concept

3. Accessing individual creativity regarding future directions for CASAE/ACÉÉA

4. Creating a collective vision

5. Comparing the vision to the reality (gap analysis)

6. Setting long and short-term goals for CASAE/ACÉÉA (establishing working groups, if appropriate)

7. Workshop summary and closing.

The workshop has the potential to dramatically influence the future of our Association - please join us so that your ideas can be included in this opportunity to shape CASAE/ACÉÉA.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


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