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24th Annual Conference On-Line Proceedings

L'Association Canadienne pour l'Étude de l'Éducation des Adultes (ACÉÉA)

Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (CASAE)

May 29-31, 2005

University of Western Ontario

London, Ontario

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Negotiating Hope: Immigrant Women's Work and Learning in the Garment Industry

            Tara Fenwick

            Joan Schiebelbein


The Informal Learning of Volunteer Workers: The Experience of Immigrants in Canada

            Catherine Luo

            Daniel Schugurensky

            Bonnie Slade


A Tradition of Resistance: Liberatory Moments in the Canadian Adult Education Movement.

            Timothy Pyrch

Social Learning for Women's Emancipation in Rural Tanzania

            Christine Helena Mhina

The Quiet Dance of Decolonization

            Umar Umangay (Not Available)


A Polarity Management Model of Workplace Democracy Development of a Theoretical Model

            William J. Benet


Informal Learning of Highly Educated Immigrant Women In Contingent Work

            Hongxia Shan

            Srabani Maitra


Non-recognition of Foreign Credentials for Immigrant Professionals: Difference, Deficiency, and Devaluation

            Shibao Guo


"You just have to be respectable to talk to": Contingency, Learning and Definitions of Skill in a Call Center

            Kiran Mirchandani

            Bonnie Slade

Developing Communities of Literacy Practice Through Collaborative Learning

            Maurice C. Taylor

            Ali Abasi


Notes from a Cuban Diary: Forty Women on Forty Years An inquiry into the 1961 Literacy Campaign Using Photographic, Video & Poetic Representation

            Joanne C. Elvy

Re-Storying Aboriginal Adult Literacy: A Wholistic Approach

            Eileen Antone

            Tania Cordoba


Are Employee Development Schemes Adult Education?

            Bruce Spencer

Lifelong Learning and the New Economy: Voices of Workers

            Jane Cruikshank


Model or Theory Development: "It Looks Simple from the Outside" Complexity and Workplace Knowledge

            Angus McMurtry

Vulnerable Workers: Learning and Training Perspectives

            Trudy Rawlings


And Now We are 'Happy' !: Social Learning and Defiance through Feminist Arts-based Education

            Darlene Clover

            Kelley Aitken

            Camille Winchester

Poststructural Queries of Women's Organizations: Feminists, Fictions, and Factions

            Leona English

Women's Perceived Learning in Workplace Transition: Two Emerging Paths

            B.N. Balan


Being a Girl in the Boys' Club: Lessons of Gender Politics from the Centre and Fringes of the Knowledge-based Society

            Shauna Butterwick

            Kaela Jubas


Images and Stories of Hope: Understanding Hope and Transformation with Adult ESL Learners and Teachers

            Judy Sillito


What Does Sociocultural Learning and Literacy Look Like in an Adult Employment Preparation Program?

            Christine Pinsent-Johnson


Les adultes dans les cours synchrones à distance: apprendre et interagir en groupe

Denise Paquette-Frenette


Organic Intellectuals: Lifelong Learning in the Organic Farming Movement

Jennifer Sumner

The Learning City in a Planet of Slums

            Donovan Plumb

Democratic Considerations in Fostering Lifelong Education for Women

            Patricia Gouthro


OUT IS IN: A Community Arts-Based Approach to Social and Cultural Learning by and for Queer Young Adult

            Andre P. Grace

            Kristopher Wells


"I'm Not Just a Foreigner!" Re-symbolizing Experiences as Women, Teachers, and Immigrants Through Artistic Processes.

            Susan M. Brigham

            Susan C. Walsh


Membership, Motivation, Meaning and Questions of Identity in

Voluntary Adult Education Associations in BC

            Dave Smulders

            Shauna Butterwick

            Anita Bonson


Storefront 101: Intuitive Connections to the Traditions and Practices of Adult Education

            Janet Groen

From the Edge of Time: Stories of Activism from Elders to Young Activists

            Carole Roy

            Erin Krekoski

            Karen Sutherland

            Breanne Whitwell

Distance Education in Canada: A Critical Look at Issues of Access and Inclusion

            Jenna Kelland

The Socio-Cultural Aspects of Older Adult Learning in Beginners' Computer Classes

            Helen Aberton

Using a Learning Centered Approach to Challenge the Digital Divide (not available)

            Jasjit Sangha

            Hongxia Shan


Post-War (Re)construction and Education: The Case for Greater Critical Engagement by Adult Educators

            Maliha Chishti

War and Remembrance: The Pedagogical Nature of Public Space

            Patricia A. Durish

Pedagogy of the Privileged: Transformation Process and Ethical Dilemmas

            Ann Curry-Stevens

Embodies Pedagogy as Transformative Learning: A Critical Reflection

            Roxana Ng

EmPowerment: Learning and Participation in Sustainable Energy Development

            Fiona Duguid


Caribbean Immigrant Families and their Children's Experiences with Education: Reflecting Cultural Diversity in K-12 Curriculum, Pedagogy and the School Climate

            Jean Walrond-Patterson


Teaching Adults, Reaching Children: The Case for Adult Education in Support of Primary Education

            Malini Sivasubramaniam


The Canadians Learning Job Skills on Their Own: Insights from the 2003 Adult Education and Training Survey

            Cindy Carter

            Gongli Xu


Nation, Citizens, Learners: Adult Education and Citizenship in Wales (not available)

            Rob Humphreys


Volunteers' Informal Learning in Community-Based Organizations: On Individual Experience and Collective Reflection

            Karsten Mündel

            Daniel Schugurensky


Community Development Under Attack: How Community Agencies Are Coping A Challenge to Adult Educators

            Pramila Aggarwal

            Bill Fallis

            Bob Luker


One Foot on the Dock and One Foot in the Canoe: Reflexive Self-inquiry in Applying a Transformative Subsistence Orientation in Ontario Fire Service Education

            Rose Barg


Rethinking Difference in the Workplace and Beyond

            Zenobia Jamal


The Challenges of Articulating Multiple and Complex Subjectivities in Emancipatory Collectives

            Evelyn Hamdon


Literacy Across the Lifespan: Building a Bridge Between Child/Youth and Adult Literacy Research and Practice (not available)

            Allan Quigley


Apprentissage informel, participation et apprentissage à vie

          Dominique Giguere

            Mohamed Hrimech


Building Community-One Message at a Time: Creating an Online Learning Forum and Developing a Virtual Community of Practice in a Union-University Alliance

            Marilyn E. Laiken


            Sherida Ryan


Pensions at Work

          Isla Carmichael

            Lisa Duggan

            Jack Quarter


            Sherida Ryan


Reflecting the Social Realm: Arts, "Entertainment" and Image Base Adult Learning in the 21st Century: Confronting the Paradoxes of Violence, Exclusion, Creativity & Transformation

          Rose Anne Dyson

            Geraldine Macdonald

            William McQueen

            Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg

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