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8:30am to 5pm, Thursday, May 27th, 2004

University of Victoria, McLaurin Building (Education)

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Focus/Theme: During this day-long women's preconference, we will be exploring women's experiences of the power and pedagogy of the expressive arts in relation to work/working for social justice. Come and hear from local and other artist/activist women about their approaches and experiences of using the expressive arts (song, theatre, poetry, quilting, painting, etc) in their work for social justice.  Engage in dialogue about the creative process and participate in hands-on quilting, dance, poetry and theatre workshops. Share the results of these workshops and discuss the power and pedagogy of the expressive arts. **All participants are encouraged to bring an item they have created for the Clothesline Project (see website for more information).


Program Structure:

The day will begin with a welcoming session where we'll find out who's participating and have an opportunity to outline some of the concerns and issues participants are engaged with.  This will be followed by an activist-artist panel where we will hear about several different projects.  Following a lunch break, participants will choose from four workshops lasting two hours that will provide opportunities to create using poetry, quilting, theatre, and dance.  The final part of the day will be spent sharing the results of these creative processes and discussing the power and pedagogy of the expressive arts in the struggle for social justice.  For those interested, dinner at a local restaurant

will be arranged.

Gallery: We will have space to show works created by participants. Please let us know if you plan to bring something. We encourage artists/activists who are showing their work to create a short description to be posted by their creations.

COSTS: There will be a charge of $20, payable on May 27, to cover the costs of lunch and workshop materials.  Dinner will be an additional charge. 



Wendy MacDonald started out as a Raging Granny in Edmonton, is now with the Victoria group where she is a valued member for her energetic battles against poverty, militarism and environmental stupidities.  She will speak about the personal rewards of being an activist. Fran Thoburn is one of the founding members of the original Raging Grannies. Lynette Sarah Plett uses quilting and other handwork (traditional activities of her Mennonite mother and grandmothers) to connect her academic research with the everyday knowledges of ordinary women in the past. Victoria Marie is a community organizer with many years of experience in community development and capacity building. She was a participant and and an evaluator of the Downtown Eastside Community Play, "In the Heart of a City."   Cathy Pulkinghorn is an artist/educator who works with branded text in fibre and mixed media focusing on the integration of an intellectual consciousness grounded in the aesthetic experience and tacit knowledge. Kristin Miller is an enthusiastic quilter and a reluctant activist, she organized the Positive Energy Quilting Project to protest a power plant planned by BC Hydro. Darlene Mace is an “active artist” and single mother of 2 who was a premature Raging Granny and Clayoquot arrestee and who now combines working in her studio creating stained glass and concrete art. Cynthia Andruske is an educator and community-based researcher who was involved with a popular theatre project with literacy participants. Diana Twiss is an adult educator who helped to carry out a participatory action research project that examined the literacy activities of women working as sex-trade workers in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Bronwyn Simons is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and visual artist living on Denman Island whose diverse work centers on her commitment to the empowerment of women through knowledge of ourselves, the text of our bodies, and the hidden truths of our history.


1. CELEBRATE MIDDLE EASTERN DANCE: Explore a dance form rooted in the Middle East, that now inspires and engages women throughout the West. Learn expressive movements and rhythms from Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt, and join in circle dances and traditional forms of improvisation.

Workshop Leaders: Bronwyn Simons is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and visual artist living on Denman Island whose diverse work centers on her commitment to the empowerment of women through knowledge of ourselves, the text of our bodies, and the hidden truths of our history. Lynette Harper is a Vancouver Island ethnographer, adult educator, anthropology instructor - and long-time bellydancer. Inspired by her Lebanese ancestry, her dance blends a love of innovation and experimentation with honest respect for dance traditions and their cultural origins.


2. FINDING YOUR VOICE THROUGH POETRY WORKSHOP: This workshop will introduce three poetic forms which use repetition of lines or words to help create an emotional or dramatic effect—the Pantoum, the Sestina and the Villanelle—and give participants a chance to write their own poems.

Workshop Leader: Jane Munro is a poet and adult educator. She's taught Creative Writing at the University of Victoria, Kwantlen University College, and the University of British Columbia.

3. THEATRE WORKSHOP: TRANSFORMATION THROUGH ACTING, RE/SEARCH THROUGH ACTION explores the roles Theatre of the Oppressed can play in our roles as women, researchers, educators and citizens. Brazilian drama educator Augusto Boal and his Theatre of the Oppressed methodology has just as much relevance for educators and activists today as it did when he began his work three decades ago. Through a series of hands-on, experiential activities and dialogues, this workshop will explore the ideas behind the theatre of the oppressed and its potential for transforming our selves and our practices as women, researchers, activists and citizens.

Workshop Leader: Jacyntha England holds an M.A. in Educational Studies from the University of British Columbia, and has worked in theatre education and community activism around the world for the past two decades. 


This inspiring and practical workshop will guide you through the process of a making "a quilt with a purpose " and using it effectively. The theme of our workshop quilt will be “The Barbie Project”. Imagine you are Barbie the Doll. You are fed up with your stereotype, and you’ve decided to do something about it. You organize a protest quilt to express your strong feelings, and get them off your chest. All materials will be supplied.

Workshop Leaders: Kristin Miller was born in Seattle, graduated from the University of Washington, and immigrated to Canada 30 years ago. An enthusiastic quilter and a reluctant acitivist, she organized the Positive Energy Quilting Project to protest a power plant planned by BC Hydro. Kristin makes art quilts and teaches workshops on quilting, and is the author of "The Careless Quilter: Decide-As-You-Sew Quiltmaking”. (www.kristinmillerquilts.com ). Darlene Mace was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, graduated from UVIC in 1978 and has lived on Gabriola Island for the past 23 years. An “active artist” and single mother of 2, Darlene was politicized by breast feeding twenty years ago, which gave her the time to contemplate the future quality of life for her children and the planet as a whole. She was a premature Raging Granny and Clayoquot arrestee who now combines working in her studio creating stained glass and concrete art (www.hellodarlly.com) and managing  GROWLS (Gabriola Rescue of  Wildlife Society).





Registration: If you are interested in participating, please register by April 1, 2004. Complete the information below and send it to bonnie@soroke.com








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NB: if you bring something for the gallery, please prepare a artist’s note


Workshop preference (choose one):


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_____ 4. QUILTING



Please registration information to Bonnie Soroke at bonnie@soroke.com

For more information contact Bonnie Soroke or Shauna Butterwick at Shauna.butterwick@ubc.ca


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