CASAE/ACÉÉA 21st Annual Conference


Adult Education and the Contested Terrain of Public Policy

May 30-31 and June 1, 2002

OISE/UT, Toronto

Thursday May 30th


OISE Auditorium (OI G162)


Thanksgiving Address by Professor Eileen Antone (AECDCP and Transition Year Programme, UT)

Welcome by Lana Stermac (Chair, AECDCP, OISE/UT) and Michael Cooke (Dean, Faculty of Community Services and Health Sciences, George Brown College) to be confirmed.





Group 1 (OI 3-310)

Rocky J. Dwyer (Orleans, Ontario)

Career Development & Advancement Patterns of Aboriginal Executives in the Canadian Federal Public Service

Maureen A. Simpkins (Victoria, BC)

From Ear to Ear: Cross-Cultural Understandings of Aboriginal Oral Traditions

Group 2 (OI 3-311)

Rose Barg (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto)

Beyond Personal Agency: Contributions to Public Effectiveness Through Subsistence-Oriented Motherwork

Maria Margarida Aguiar (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto)

Childhood, Schooling, Family and Community: Reflections of Mothers

Group 3 (OI 4-410)

Susan McDonald (Federal Department of Justice)

Learning and the Law: Research and Policy Directions

John Egan (University of British Columbia)

Examining Practice, Understanding Experience: Power and AIDS Prevention Work with Injection Drug Users

Group 4 (OI 4-412)

Katherine McManus (University of British Columbia)

The Role of the Outsider in Education Policy: A Lesson From History

Karen Edge & Marilyn Laiken (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto)

Working within Public Policy: Change from the Inside-out

Group 5 (OI 4-418)

Dorothy Lander (St. Francis Xavier University)

Women's Ways of Protesting: Activism, Feminism, or Witnessing Across Separate Spheres?

Kiran Mirchandani and Bonnie L. Slade (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto)

A Geo-Cultural Analysis of Learning amongst Home-Based Workers

Group 6 (OI 4-420)

Staffan Larsson (Linköping University, Sweden)

Learning in Trade Unions

Peter H. Sawchuk (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto)

Learning in the Union Local: Reflections on the Expansion of Union Education Practice





Group 7 (OI 4-420)

Andre P. Grace (University of Alberta)

Lifelong Learning: International Perspectives on Policy and Practice

Kjell Rubenson (University of British Columbia)

Lifelong Learning for all: Challenges and Limitations of Public Policy

Group 8 (OI 4-412)

Margaret Wallace [Institutional affiliation is missing]

Ontario – Downsized and Privatized: A Gendered Analysis of the Common Sense Revolution

Janet Conway [is it York University or Ryerson University?]

Adult Education and the Production of Knowledge for Politics: Praxis and Pedagogy in the Metro Network for Social Justice

Group 9 (OI 3-310)

Stephanie Rutherford (University of Guelph)

An Alternative Consciousness: Knowledge Construction in the Anti-globalization Movement

Leona English (St. Francis Xavier University)

Third Space: Contested Space, Identity and International Adult Education

Lloyd Fraser (Dalhousie University)

The Development of Commitment to the Common Good: The Case of Adults Learning about Global Issues

Group 10 (OI 3-311)

Charmaine Ing [Institutional affiliation is missing]

Global, Local and Individual Learning Environments: An Environmental Model Integrating Adult Learning Theories

Mazanah Muhamad (Universiti Putra, Malaysia)

Policy and Learning Program for the Malaysian Elderly: An Analysis

Group 11 (OI 4-410)

Bijoy P. Barua (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto)

Participatory Research, Education and Rural Farmers: A Case Study from Bangladesh

Lynette Harper (University of British Columbia) and Jerry Hinbest [Institutional affiliation is missing]

Anyone for Parfait? Discontinuities in Participatory Evaluation

Group 12 (OI 4-418)

Ann Wilson [Institutional affiliation is missing]

Mending Our Ways: Leading Dialogically as Adult Educators for a Stronger Civil Society

Thomas Mark Turay (Coady International Institute)

An Examination of Intra-Secondary School Conflicts in Complex Emergencies: The Case of Sierra Leone

Wang Yi (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto)

Gendered Leadership Experience of Women on Management Positions in Private Enterprises in Mainland China



Session 1 (8-200)

Marie Darkes and Eliza Churchill (University of Victoria)

Aboriginal Learning Styles: Conflicting Views, Confusing Practices and The Implications for Adult Education

Session 2 (8-214)

Sarah Evans (University of British Columbia)

GATS and “New” Political Economy of Adult Education

Session 3 (8-220)

Daniel Schugurensky, Eileen Antone, Denise Wilson, Nancy Jackson (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto), Darlene E. Clover (University of Victoria), & Tom Nesbit, (Simon Fraser University)

Building Research Capacity and Policy in Adult Literacy: Where Do We Start?

Session 4 (OI 4-426)

Isabella D. Losinger (University of British Columbia)

The Development of University Leaders: Identifying the Professional Development Needs of Academic Presidents





Group 13 (OI 3-310)

Edward W. Taylor (Pennsylvania State Capital College)

Using Photo-Elicitation to Explore Teaching Beliefs of Adult Educators

Jane Dawson (St. Francis Xavier University)

Vocation in Adult Education: Widening the Gaze

Group 14 (OI 3-311)

Debra Whitman (Simon Fraser University)

Idealism and Reality in the World of Social Policy and Substance Misuse: A Narrative Approach to 'Learning for Social Change’

Jason M.C. Price (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto)

The Neoliberal OZ: The Ontario College of Teacher’s Guidelines for the Preparation of Principals for the Literacy and Numeracy Maquiladoras of Ontario

Group 15 (OI 4-410)

Karen M. Magro [Institutional affiliation is missing]

Exploring Teaching Roles and Responsibilities in Adult Literacy Education: Do Teachers See Themselves as Transformative Educators?

Michael Newman (University of Technology, Sydney)

Teaching Choice

Group 16 (OI 4-412)

Ralf St. Clair (Texas A&M University)

Building the Barricades: A potential Role for Adult Literacy Educators in Popular Education and Social Movements

Maurice Taylor, Judy King (University of Ottawa) and Christine Pinsent Johnson (Ottawa Carleton District School Board)

Understanding the Zone of Proximal Development in Adult Literacy Learning

Group 17 (OI 4-418)

Janet Groen (University of Toronto)

The Experiences and Practice of Adult Educators in Addressing Spirituality within the Workplace: An Empirical Study

Gongli Xu (Human Resources Development Canada)

Barriers to Participation in Adult Education and Training: An Empirical Study towards a Better Understanding

Group 18 (OI 4-420)

Gaye Ranck Jenkins, Chris Fegley, Juliet Smith, H. Naomie Nyanungo, Kala Dowlath, & Ian Baptiste (Pennsylvania State University)
A Vision of Change: Creating the Committee for Community Directed Education and Research (CCDER)





Group 19 (OI 3-310)

A. Nettie Campbell (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto)

Can Policy Be Care-Empowering? The Voices of Administrators

Melissa White (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto)

Re-training Programs for Displaced Workers: An Exploration of Government Policy

Catherine C. Dunlop (Simon Fraser University)

If You Knew Now What We Didn't Know Then: A Comparative Analysis of Evaluation Findings with Implications for Program Planning Theory

Group 20 (OI 3-311)

Pierre Walter (University of British Columbia)

Frontier College and the Construction of a Canadian National Identity

Michael R. Welton (Mount St. Vincent University)

Building the Canadian Learning Society: Two Historical Models Saskatchewan (1944) and Nova Scotia (1945-57)

Timothy Pyrch (University of Calgary)

Responding to ‘911' : Coolie Verner's call to action in the 1950s

Group 21 (OI 4-410)

B. Allan Quigley & Doris Gillis (St. Francis Xavier University)

From the Personal to the Political in Health Literacy: A Two Year Study in Two Rural Nova Scotia Counties

Richard Darville (Carleton University)

Policy Accountability and Practice in Adult Literacy Work

Group 22 (OI 8-298)

Valerie-Lee Chapman (University of British Columbia)

The Body's Tale: The Counterhistory of an Adult Educator

John C. Wren (University of Toronto)

Community Cooperation: A “Fast Track” Vocational Technical Education Program

Ruth Price (Simon Fraser University)

Creating Access: Degree Completion for Working Adults



Session 5 (OI 8-214)

Terence Frater (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto)

Public Sector Modernization and Downsizing - The Past Decade

Session 6 (OI 4-418)

Adele Ciccone, Alana Butler, Michelle Petrin, Trudy Rawlings, & Wang Yi (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto)

Gender Role Socialization and Inequality

Naomi Binder Wall (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto)

Resisting Racism, Classism and Gendered Policies in the Classroom: The Adult Educator's Role in the Context of Globalization

Session 7 (OI 4-426)

Bruce Spencer, Derek Briton, Jeff Taylor (Athabasca University), Peter Sawchuk (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto), Tom Nesbit, (Simon Fraser University), Naomi Frankel, France Larendeau, D'Arcy Martin [Institutional affiliation is missing] and Adriane Paavo (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto)

Labour Education: Trends and Opportunities



Symposium 1 (OI 3-312)

Maliha Chishti, Nicole Eagles, Sukkyu Kim, Natalie Zur Nedde (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto)

Citizenship Education and Participatory Democracy: Macro and Micro Level Processes Within Diverse Contexts

Symposium 2 (OI 8-201)

Daphne Greenberg (Georgia State University), Janet Isserlis (Brown University), Mev Miller (St. Paul, Minnesota) and Nancy Cooper (Centre AlphaPlus Centre)

Women and Literacy: What Are Some of the Issues?

Symposium 3 (OI 8-280)

Eileen Antone, Peter Gamlin, Moneca Sinclaire, Lois Provost-Turchetti (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto) and Julian Robbins (Trent University)

Cultural Relevance of Literacy to Aboriginal People

Symposium 4 (OI 8-220)

Patricia A. Gouthro (Mount St. Vincent University), Shauna Butterwick, (University of British Columbia), Tara Fenwick (University of Alberta), Angela Miles and Shahrzad Mojab, (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto)

            Five Feminists: Perspectives on Public Policy and Adult Education




CJSAE (OI 8-200)

STUDENTS (South Lounge, 7th Floor)



George Brown College

Friday, May 31st

CASAE Out-going Executive and Board Members Meeting (OI 7-162)


Opening Panel (OI 2-214)






Symposium 5 (OI 2-214)

Michael R. Welton (Mount St. Vincent University), Shahrzad Mojab and Maliha Chishti (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto)

The Era of Shattered Democracies and Impoverished Capitalism: Adult Education in the Aftermath of September 11, 2001

Symposium 6 (OI 2-212)

Geraldine (Jody) Macdonald, Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg, and William McQueen (University of Toronto)

Editing for Healthy Public Policy: How Documentary Videos and Films Affect Transformational Changes

Symposium 7 (OI 2-213)

Beverley Burke, Johanne Deschamps, Nancy Jackson, D'Arcy Martin, and Adriane Paavo (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto)

Learning to lead in a social movement: Gender politics in union education in Quebec and English-speaking Canada






Session 8 (OI 2-212)

Allan Quigley, Leona English, Dorothy Lander, Jane Dawson, (St. Francis Xavier University), Kjell Rubenson, Shauna Butterwick, and Tom Sork (University of British Columbia)

"Letters to the Editor(s)": An Open Forum on The Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education

Session 9 (OI 2-213)

Pramila Aggarwal, Bill Fallis, and Bob Luker (George Brown College) 

No Contest On The Terrain

Session 10 (OI 2-214)

Deborah L. Butler and Helen J. Novak (University of British Columbia)

Researching the Research: A Self-reflective Case Study of a Community-driven Collaborative Project





Group 23 (OI 8-201)

John Dirkx (Michigan State University) and Edward W. Taylor (Pennsylvania State Capital College)

Computer-Mediated Instruction: Beliefs of Practicing Adult Educators

Patricia Beatty-Guenter (University of Victoria)

Why Distance Education? Mimetic Forces in Institutions of Adult Education

Group 24 (OI 8-280)

Jane Cruikshank (University of Regina)

Lifelong Learning or Re-Training for Life: Scapegoating the Worker

Rachel Gorman (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto)

The Limits of ‘Informal Learning’: Adult Education Research and the Individualizing of Political Consciousness

Group 25 (OI 8-298)

Miya Narushima (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto)

Enlarged or Obscured? Speculations on the Evolving Boundaries of Adult Education under the Lifelong Learning Policies in Japan

Cheryl Jeffs (University of British Columbia)

Informing Policy: Findings of a Study on Application of Learning Following a Continuing Professional Education Program

Group 26 (OI 8-200)

Carole Roy (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto)

The Original Raging Grannies: Using Creative and Humorous Protests for Political Education

Irene C. Baird (Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg)

Voices Inside: Popular Theater and Incarcerated Women




AGM (OI 2-214)





Dignity In Resistance: Canada-Colombia Solidarity Campaign

DINNER/PARTY (the place to be confirmed)


Saturday, June 1st

New Executive Meeting (South Lounge, 7th Floor OISE)








Draft: March 1, 2002