Up-date from the President's Desk

Looking towards the New Millennium

Preparations for the 2000 National Conference in Vancouver are Underway.

The Sherbrooke Conference barely behind us, work has already begun to plan the next meeting in Vancouver, in 2000. It was a pleasure to see so many of you in Sherbrooke. And many, many thanks to those who have worked on the co-ordination and planning: Mohamed Hrimech, Marc Tardif, and Tara Fenwick. Over the years, I have found that participating in CASAE's activities, and particularly in its yearly get-together, provided me with an invaluable forum to share ideas with colleagues across the provinces and territories North of 45. Speaking of which, one challenge in the near future will be to support exchanges with the adult educators of Nunavut. The emergence of Nunavut as the first autonomous Native territory in the post-colonial world carries much symbolic and practical import for adult education in the wake of the new Millennium.

Back to the 2000 Vancouver Conference. This year, as you already know thanks to Tom Sork's efforts in June and in the intervening months, our organization will be meeting jointly with AERC (US), SCUTRA (UK), ESREA (EU), and ALA-RN (Australia/Pacific region). This is an unprecedented opportunity to meet, exchange, network and communicate with colleagues from around the world who share similar concerns, and whose perspective on adult education and training may very well serve to alter our own. The event will be a place for openness, friendly perspective-sharing, as well as, no doubt, cordial controversy. Let's do everything we can to make it a success, first by giving Tom Sork all the help he needs in the planning process, and supporting Tom Nesbit in his work to collect, review, edit and distribute the CASAE papers.

For information on the 2000 Conference, e-mail Tom Sork at: tom.sork@ubc.ca

To submit your abstracts, contact Tom Nesbit at: tnesbit@sfu.ca

As the incoming President of CASAE, I wish to thank Bill Fallis, whose shoes will not be easy to fill. It is a widely acknowledged fact that Bill has moved mountains to re-organize CASAE's membership, finances, and executive responsibilities. Here's to you, Bill.

I also wish to welcome this year's two new executive members: Daniel Schugurensky (Treasurer), and Kate Briscoe (responsible for the CASAE Permanent Secretariat). My gratitude also goes to continuing executive members Rose Dyson, Bill McQueen, Tom Nesbit, Tom Sork. Special recognition is due to Allan Quigley for his leadership as Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education's editor, and for setting up the very capable Antigonish editorial team.

One of the challenges of the upcoming year will be to maintain and enhance our membership base and Journal subscriptions. In my experience, the best way to do this is for our current members to keep reminding adult education practitioners and scholars everywhere that a strong presence in CASAE's ranks is advantageous to all. Please contact your regional representatives and offer your help in the membership drive.

If you would like to get involved with any of CASAE's activities, such as the Newsletter, the membership drive, or fundraising, etc., please review the list below and contact the appropriate representative.

Here's to a great year!

Paul Bouchard


Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education

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